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  • Corporate Yoga in Vienna / Wien

    Price upon request
  • Personal Yoga Sessions in Vienna / Wien

    1 hr

    90 Euro
  • Yoga Events in Vienna / Wien

    Price upon request

Corporate Yoga

The human body has evolved with movement ingrained in it. Yoga at the workplace offers a small break from the typical working week. It provides a rare opportunity to focus on yourself and improve both your physical and mental state. Let this concept, proven by a large number of studies to reduce stress, enrich your working life and wellbeing.

Personal Session

Every body is different and works in an assymetrical way. Find the best possible version of every Asana, adjacent exercises and your own path to achieving your goals in a personal Yoga session. Learn to find your way to achieve your mental and fitness goals in a 60-minute cooperative experience. Allow me to accompany you on your way to your destination.

Yoga for Events

Yoga can be an excellent choice to spice up any event. Guided classes for festivities of any kind, or indeed festivals, can be arranged easily and made to accomodate your wishes. No matter if at a wedding, for a birthday party, or an entire company party - people love it. This type of Yoga class is as much about having fun as it is about experiencing Yoga.

Contact me

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